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     formed between design

    Dazzling white light from distant horizon burst out, a wink came near the imperial fleet by sight, when among white flooded the sky filled at that moment, I think time stands still.

    Then, time really stood still.

    Hovering over the remainder of ten centimetres from the wire, a shingingLouis Vuitton Outlet by winds blowing hair like flying crazy TongRen, girls' mysterious light shining in the treasures, like most magnificent as powerful energy, an unprecedented surge out from her body, that beyond the limits of human imagination in the psyche air, creating entities, along their master expected trajectory formed bright silvery white stripe, then in shallow debates and complex feet formed between design, the clock trance, I seem to see a very large hourglasses stand in the stillness of the space, the unprecedented huge hourglasses even also connected the sky and the earth, but in fact my eyes what did not appear, hourglass that only when shallow spirit touches the world's rules of origin, after another aspect of the world in our consciousness formation in the moment the sea of projection.

    In the city to evaporate instantly into plasma white light abruptly geostationary in distance they target a few meters of insufficient place, taking a way invisible time barrier for boundary, side is strong as if a number of as the sun shine, and the other side is dazzling night is dark as the empire, the whole world as if by fleet abruptly time-have Christian Louboutindivided two parts of the dark bright light, let a person produce into the dream world WeiHe weird sense.

    Because the light coming from the positive as by static in the sky, the light is broken again around the time the shaky cutting, everything around us instant fading out, the ground is full of dazzling black patches, that is surrounding facilities in the chaos of the illumination formed under the wrong silhouette.

    And I can still see the light, that the destruction of the near proved that light contains energy is how powerful, even light are stationary, it still can force after their images into my retina.

    Had not known the long, because time is gone, I even produced a thousand years passed, tearing apart the illusion of stillness all finally began to slowly functioning, be shallow try our best to let the white light speed more slow, late shuttle defense system then finally made low and serious distortion of the roaring, blue energy barrier around like slow motion rises, the same gradually from the deadly white light is slowly but still firm with the pace of approached, to us a tall black silhouette against the BaiGuangChong go up, but I can't see eGHD Hair Straighteners ach other face, can only see each other body in midair suddenly decomposition became countless diamond pieces, those between diamond pieces verdant blue light burst out, interweave a vast blue energy, and in this way net figure, more black figure after the direction of flow into a energy, use your own body to underpin roadculture strong energy barrier.

    and not secure flap

    still rolled up to build

    this man sensible person

    helped too big busy

    plus built five base have

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