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    Keenspot - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Keenspot - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    KeenspotFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaJump to: navigation,searchthe Keenspot logoKeenspot is a webcomics portal founded in March 2000[1][2] by cartoonist Chris Crosby (author of Superosity), Crosby's mother Terri, cartoonist Darren Bleuel (author of Nukees),[1][2] and Nathan Stone.[3] Keenspot was preceded by the webcomic portal, Big Panda. The collapse of Big Panda led directly to the formation of Keenspot.[4]Contents1 History2 Comics in Keenspot2.1 Active2.2 On hiatus/sporadic2.3 Ended (archived)3 Former members4 References5 External links[edit] HistoryFollowing the portal's creation in March 2000, Keenspot was serving over 23 million page views monthly by February 2001 and had 47 cartoonists[5] and by July of that year they had launched the free comics web hosting service Keenspace (now[update] Comic Genesis). In 2001 Keenspot launched its own printed comic book line and launched graphic novel collections in 2002 both at Comic-Con International. By August 2002 Keenspot had opened a retail store selling brandname toys and comics, had 50 million pageviews monthly and 600 paying members - who can read the comics without ads - and had published 26 titles.[6]Keenspot gross revenues grew from $103,976 in 2002 to $188,475 in 2003 with the number of pageviews largely unchanged from mid 2001.[7] As of October 2007[update] it claimed to be home to more than 50 comics covering several genres and artistic styles.[8] Keenspot says they are the largest publisher of exclusive comics on the Internet.[8]One of Keenspot's most notable traits is that it has been a starting point and steadfast supporter of many successful webcartoonists over the years. More than a dozen comics originally and currently hosted at Keenspot have branched out to become substantial full-time jobs for their creators.The company says that it keeps exclusive web publishing rights to its comics, including archives, but that other rights are left with the creators. Side projects, particularly merchandising deals, are covered separately. KeenSpot Entertainment is based in Cresbard,ralph lauren soldes, South Dakota.The majority of titles published by Keenspot have been distributed to comic book stores worldwide by Diamond Comic Distributors and to bookstores and other returnable-based retail outlets by Client Distribution Services. Keenspot has also launched 2 podcasts, a cartoon podcast,polo lacoste, called Keentoons Video Podcast Network and an audio podcast called Keencast. Until 2006, Keenspot published the Keenspot Comics Page in collaboration with the Turlock Journal and several other small newspapers.[edit] Comics in Keenspot[edit] ActiveAbby's AgencyAlfheimAntihero for HireCandiCount Your SheepThe Devil's PantiesETI-PI+EVEverything Jake Gaming GuardiansGeebas on Parade (Jennie Breeden)Gene CatlowGoblinsGod ModeKEENTOONSLast BloodLost and Found InvestigationsMarry MeMenage a 3NewshoundsNo Pink PoniesOut ThereReddickulous Soap on a RopeSomething HappensSore ThumbsSpoonerSSDD aka Poisoned MindsStripteaseThe Suburban JungleSuperosityTaking Up SpaceTodd and PenguinTwo LumpsWandering OnesXyliaZortic[edit] On hiatus/sporadicAlice!AshfieldChopping BlockDown to EarthDungeons & DenizensElf LifeElf Only InnEat the RosesFat JesusFelicity Flint, Agent from H.A.R.M. Filthy Lies!Flint AgainHound's HomeI Drew ThisInside the BoxJust Another ViceLandisMad About U.Mr. Chuck Show No Room for MagicOwlieOzy and MillieRoad WafflesRPG WorldSex and ViolenceSkirting Danger!Vigilante, Ho!WICKEDPOWEREDWingerYirmumah[edit] Ended (archived)Adventurers!AndiewearAvalonAwesome GamerzBasil Flint, P.I.BobbinsBonus StageBoy Meets BoyThe Class Menagerie Cool Cat StudioCommon GroundsExploitation NowFlat Feet and High HeelsFrankenstudentHorriblevilleJoe AverageLimited SpaceLizard!Look What I Brought Home!Manifestations (Premium) Melpomene (Premium)Men In HatsPete is a Pogo StickPurple PussyQueen of WandsShin KageShmorkySilly Cone VSporkmanTalismen[edit] Former membersThis list is incomplete; you can help by expanding it.Checkerboard Nightmare (Creator co-founded Blank Label Comics)Darken (Left in January 2010.)Dominic Deegan: Oracle For Hire (Moved to ZeStuff on 31 October 2005)El Goonish Shive (Announced that it was going independent on 27 January 2009)Errant Story (Became self-published on 29 August 2005)Help Desk (Became self-published in July 2007 when the Keenspot servers could not handle the data-based site the author wanted to use.)General Protection Fault (Returned to self-publishing in March 2008)Greystone Inn (Creator co-founded Blank Label Comics)It's Walky (Creator co-founded Blank Label Comics)Krazy Larry (Creator co-founded Blank Label Comics)Life At Bayside (Removed from Internet, later reformed on Comic Genesis)Melonpool (Creator co-founded Blank Label Comics)Nukees (Creator sold his share of Keenspot)[9]Real Life Comics (Author no longer felt compelled to be a part of Keenspot,lacoste polo shirts, later moved to Blank Label Comics)Life's So Rad (Author took archives down due to personal reasons; later released a book [through Young American Comics] containing the comic's full digital archives and all the self-published print comics.)Schlock Mercenary (Became self-published, later joined Blank Label Comics)Sheldon (joined United Features Syndicate, later also affiliated with Blank Label Comics)Sinfest (Became self-published on July 9, 2006)Sorcery 101 (Author fired by Keenspot on December 15, 2009 for undisclosed reasons.) [10]Wapsi Square (Became affiliated with Blank Label Comics.)[edit] References^ a b Yim, Roger. (April 2, 2001). "DOT-COMICS: Online cartoons skip traditional syndication and draw loyal fans on the Internet". San Francisco Chronicle. Pg. D1^ a b Newman, Heather. (February 2, 2001). "See You In The Funny Pixels Michigan Cartoonists Draw On Web Sites To Find Readers". Detroit Free Press. Pg. 1H^ BENDER TOONING UP WITH KEENSPOT.COM Marc Graser,polo shirt, Daily Variety, 2000-06-23, page 7^ "Glossary of Comics, Webcomics, and Digital Art Terms - Big Panda". WebComicsReview.com. http://webcomicsreview.com/examiner/glossary.html. Retrieved 2008-09-25. ^ Keenspot Press box Dave Astor, Editor & Publisher, 2001-02-26, "more than 23 million page views a month. It showcases the work of 47 cartoonists who aren't in traditional print syndication"^ Keenspot Press release / KEENSPOT ENTERTAINMENT OPENS OFFLINE RETAIL STORE, 2002-08-10^ KEENSPOT ANNOUNCES 2003 REVENUES INCREASED 81.2% OVER 2002, 2004-03-15^ a b Keenspot "Keenspot is the largest publisher of exclusive webcomics! Founded in February 2000, we are now the home to over 50 comics, and the list keeps growing."^ Nukees "Most recent news item: (7/13/2008) Keenspotless", 2008-07-13^ "New Sorcery 101 and Update (aka how I was fired for Christmas)", 2009-12-17[edit] External linksKeenspot (homepage)Comic Genesis (formerly Keenspace)Keentoons (animation division)Keenswag (print volumes/collections and misc. items from their hosted comics)Keenspot Pressbox (incomplete collection of major newspaper and magazine articles about or featuring Keenspot,Ralph Lauren Polo Shirts, includes Daily Variety, Editor & Publisher, Comics Buyers Guide, etc)v ? d ? eKeenspot comicsCurrent membersAntihero for Hire  ?  Bruno the Bandit  ?  Chopping Block  ?  Count Your Sheep  ?  The Devil's Panties  ?  Fans!  ?  Goblins  ?  Last Blood  ?  Ménage à 3  ?  Newshounds  ?  No Need for Bushido  ?  Penny and Aggie  ?  Raine Dog  ?  Sore Thumbs  ?  Spooner  ?  Superosity  ?  Two Lumps  ?  Wandering Ones  ?  You Damn Kid!  ?  Zebra GirlOn HiatusAlice!  ?  Elf Life  ?  Flint Again  ?  I Drew This  ?  No Room for Magic  ?  Ozy and Millie  ?  RPG World  ?  WingerEndedAvalon  ?  Basil Flint, P.I.  ?  Bobbins  ?  Exploitation Now  ?  Friendly Hostility  ?  Men In Hats  ?  Purple Pussy  ?  Queen of Wands  ?  Road WafflesRetrieved from "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keenspot"Categories: Webcomics | Keenspot | Comic book publishing companies of the United States | Webcomic publishersHidden categories: Articles containing potentially dated statements from 2007 | All articles containing potentially dated statements | Articles containing potentially dated statements from October 2007 | Incomplete listsPersonal toolsNew featuresLog in / create accountNamespacesArticleDiscussionVariantsViewsReadEditView historyActionsSearchNavigationMain pageContentsFeatured contentCurrent eventsRandom articleInteractionAbout WikipediaCommunity portalRecent changesContact WikipediaDonate to WikipediaHelpToolboxWhat links hereRelated changesUpload fileSpecial pagesPermanent linkCite this pagePrint/exportCreate a bookDownload as PDFPrintable versionLanguagesFran?ais?Norsk (nynorsk)? This page was last modified on 12 July 2010 at 16:34.Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License;additional terms may apply.See Terms of Use for details.Wikipedia® is a registered trademark of the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization.Contact usPrivacy policyAbout WikipediaDisclaimers
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