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    In fact many women are vain many are trifles However they only care about not you - especially men Only in love these will be their deeply hidden not easily revealed Woman in love the lovely possibilities majority because they do not approach that time free ugg When those the said I love it I really doubt whether this is true They know what is love There are a lot of boys in the complaint that girl that is married to house to car very realistic Also the present bunch of christian louboutin women has always been immersed in the car the well-being in room No car no house happiness come from Twenty years ago there may be many women holding hands has been immersed in the happiness of love At that time they may not have ugg room and no car but they have love At that time the quality of love than the love now more of a pure quality Now this society nothing to eat taste Meat is not meat eating is not food taste Because people have been christian shoes processing packing so should have long ago lost its original flavor Love too Now love it is not because of feed and water pollution caused by the sour of Is love seems so extravagant beautiful packaging but in fact it has long been sour MBT shoes quality Which clean water is contaminated beaches after the Chou Shui taste it No the stench Money brutal and direct impact on the quality of love Now those women are basically mature type Only -year-old was the real life experiences into a fine up GHD straighteners uk  to In their eyes What kind of love They will love long abandoned Among them there are a lot of people look down on love but also look down on those under the eaves secular and intimate happiness Xiao Rizi For them money is fashion jewelry like in addition to money nothing They are not good with his youth in exchange for the civilian population of the Elixir of Love Their soul has a desire for money They plan is to take the easiest shortcut to pay the least to christian shoes get the maximum benefit Change their present poor to let his live in the wild However There is no free lunch Finally they understand that only marriage marriage is the only card in the hands of a woman Marriage many women can make from monster energy scratch from poor to rich from the menial to the noble So the women began to marriage quest up and down this pathway With their youth and greed to lead the life of silk Yushi Now women s slogan is love need money to ED HARDY develop no money love please go away love require material to support Sad Poor How love light in their eyes and money in their heart How important to resume their love to lead a life Costly love let the poor man discouraged A man mens jackets if he had cars there is room his love blossom everywhere But when he met the unfortunate day the loss of these substances possess their love will depreciate to zero Variation in the present society in this love you love it will only go handbags on is a mistake just a stupid move In the field of marriage not as blunt and direct transaction Become more transparent to all simpler Unfortunately ah Now the men have been informed They know how to find the corresponding value of women as P90X partners Those values were not appropriate but when you are just dolls Because they understand it you just directed at the money away in his hand Women since you so fond of money and enjoys a monk s life like occasionally get to show nike shox off some brand-name why not try to think through your own work to achieve it Why do non-critical stare at men pockets tightly plan it When a woman from the money when recently that is when she was the furthest away from love Women  stay away from love and most unfortunate woman Editor Wang Zheng
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