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     book body

    Video Cao Cao s Tomb farce calls for judicial intervention in criminal investigation expert Liu Pei Cao Cao s tomb and then exposed Mengliao heart long grid Tiger inscriptions on stone tablets unearthed in the first on TV and then Key words Cao Cao s tomb recently Hebei Tomb of Cao Cao Xin-long expert said Jimmy choo in an interview Anyang Cao Cao tomb and other so-called Totally unearthed there are significant problems in addition to inscriptions common mistake Pai shapes writing characteristics are questionable Even more surprising is that according to Liu heart long said back in June in the CCTV recording of In Search of Cao Cao s Tomb silver fashion jewelry the program with a grid Tiger Totally words had appeared and by In December the Pai became the tomb of Cao Cao finds stone tablets unearthed traces are a hoax according to Xin-Long said June to China Central Television to find the tomb of Cao Cao the documentary film crew to Linzhang Ye City red bull hats site Jinfeng Taiwan Dongjak Taiwan and when Cixian on military towns and villages Township in the Height hut villages along the West filming invite them to explain Chen Village in mass graves south of the disc the director took out a very high standard with the West Point Village Cao Cao s tomb the ugg uk tomb of Lu Qian An Feng the diagram He pointed out that the study of Cao Cao s tomb is in that general range can be grave field but clearly identified the tomb of Cao Cao now have failed Xin-Long said when he made the TV screen do not appear in this diagram because designer handbag of insufficient basis Director said the high point in the West Village Anyang South Eastern Han Dynasty discovered a large tomb a tomb of Cao Cao as well as hard evidence He asked what the hard evidence writer and director did not say March looking for the tomb of Cao Cao the documentary aired ugg short the film there goes on a map marked with Cao Cao s tomb also appeared in the Eastern Han tomb also there is a Guyana-shaped Pai Pai on copper chain on stone tablets engraved with often used by Wang Wei Wu lattice tiger big this is the first time Liu hearts long to see sheepskin boots this stone tablets inscriptions Cao Cao when fighting off a tiger Liu heart saying this Pai is really pseudo- So guess how an edge doubt after eight to nine months To December press conference in Beijing announced the largest tomb in Anyang and other archaeological finds unearthed stone tablets Xin-long doubt Guaizai months ago ugg boots CCTV broadcast of looking for the tomb of Cao Cao Totally on the screen is taken in June Totally on the screen is captured from the Tomb of molecular hands how they become one and a half later in November just unearthed it Despite the clear up doubts will be opened later archaeological forum moncler jacket etc but until today did not explain Shihpai shape feature writing long notes doubtful Liu heart Wang Wei Wu often used in cell Tiger Euphorbia stone inscriptions stone tablets and other cards with different shapes Lattice Tiger Euphorbia Pai also have two different types of Two grid Tiger Euphorbia Pai upper part of the P90X spire the triangle as a whole for the five-sided two format tiger short spear Pai Pai mutilation and another does not recognize Totally different shapes the upper is a flat top trapezoid the overall six sides Since it is the same tomb in Pai why different shapes Shihpai only two engraved with often used ugg chestnut boots by Wang Wei Wu Totally inscriptions on stone tablets and other shapes are inconsistent people will inevitably suspicious Features in the writing the stone card as a severance book is buried in the tomb of the list of Cao Cao the text is written with graceful flowing official script and often used by Wang ugg boots uk Wei Wu Euphorbia cell Tiger Wang Wei Wu often used in cell Tiger short spear is another subordinate body style Is two Wang Wei Wu Euphorbia often used in cell Tiger inscription on stone tablets are also thick with fine strokes If Anyang large tomb is the tomb of Cao Cao then the tomb mbt shoes of stone tablets in the text also must be masters of calligraphy to write Like often used by Wang Wei Wu cell Tiger Euphorbia Wang Wei Wu lattice tiger short spear used often this style of writing is the tomb of Cao Cao s text book body Xinhua Xing Yun Source Yanzhao Metropolis Editor  Ma Tao
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