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     Summer and The Common Cold- Myths and Reality_1559

    Summer and The Common Cold: Myths and Reality
    With Summer going strong, the word "cold" may not be what you expected to see this month...                                                                                                               Did you know that getting a cold is actually quite common, even in warm weather?  Whether they hit you in Winter or Summer, colds are such an exhausting fact of life that we can't help but wonder: why haven't they come up with a cure?  Well,christian louboutin discount, the most common answer is that there is no cure available,nike shox pas cher, but the reality is that what we term a "cold" may refer to any one of hundreds of different varieties of disease.  Some are contagious viruses, some are infections and some are influenza (the flu).  Since it can sometimes be difficult to pinpoint the source, here are some helpful tips for you...  What DOES NOT cause a cold:  Being cold--no proof that winter or cold or rain makes us more susceptible to getting a cold.  What MAY cause a cold:  Lack of sleep. In many tests it has been shown that those with less than 7 hours of sleep were more likely to catch a cold.  Lack of Vitamin D. There have been studies that show that colds can be associated with low levels of Vitamin D.  What TREATMENT WORKS:  Well, none actually.  There are plenty of drugs and cures that aim to make you feel better but these medicines treat your symptoms to make them less noticeable.  There is no known medicine that can reduce the length of an infection.  Antibiotics have no effect on a common cold.  The best thing to do is to wash your hands frequently and to avoid those who knowingly have a cold. The virus often comes in through your nose and eyes, so avoid touching your face as much as possible  I hope that this information is helpful  & I thank you for reading the article, for a online business that you can do even if you have a common cold ,ghd fer a lisser, visit my website www,louboutin shoes,papaswinnercircle.com.  


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