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     The Tsunami Ripples Of The Credit Crunch By Monte

    That's Trillion with a "T".

    - Be ready for a much harder go of getting your commercial real estate purchases financed in the next 12 months.

    The study calculates a shrinkage of $2 TRILLION in assets that would otherwise be in the hands of borrowers like us.

    The fact is they don't want to give you a loan right now because they can't see an end to the losses at the moment. Most of the experts I read are talking about rolling losses throughout 2008 and recovery in 2009.

    "Leveraged Losses: Lessons from the Mortgage Market Meltdown,"

    That's right ...for every dollar they lose there are $25 less in the kitty to lend you and me.

    - Watch for victims of De-Leveraging. People who would like to refinance, but can't get a new loan and have to sell their property at a steep discount.

    Two Trillion Dollars that will NOT be there for home mortgages, loans for your next apartment purchase,prada shoes, business lines of credit to keep you in widgets.

    A fascinating study came out last week that gives us all a first glimpse into the street-level impact of the current Credit Crunch... the "Ripples" of lender's recent losses that will be the real impact on you and I.

    It is when the easy money days that let anyone borrow (leverage) on even poor quality assets come to an end.

    Remember the losses aren't near as important to you and me as the way they cause less money to be available for loans.

    How bad is it?

    Those losses are massive and have required some of our mainstream banking institutions - Merrill Lynch, AIG,air max 1, Citigroup to name just a few - to accept bailouts from foreign funds.

    Most press coverage of the Sub-Prime meltdown is focused on the losses the various lending institutions are facing.

    The study is titled

    and was written by an all-star cast from Wall Street, the Chicago Fed,manolo blahnik shop, and academia.


    The Tsunami Ripples Of The Credit Crunch By Monte Lee-Wen At Isnare.com Ezine Articles

    However ... those losses are not what will affect you and I when we try to get a loan.

    Don鈥檛 let these Ripples swamp your Portfolio.

    - Hoard your cash. Cash will be King for the foreseeable future. And get to work building your private money investor network in this lull.

    They argue that for every dollar in losses the lending institutions suffer they have to shrink their balance sheets by $10-$25.

    - Don't expect the Recession and Credit Crunch to clear any time soon. Hang on and remember you are in this for the long haul. The true bargains will become apparent as we go deeper into the dip.

    - Be on the lookout for quality multifamily. In selected markets this is the Real Estate Investor's Niche of the moment. Cash flowing Multifamily is the equivalent of a "flight to quality" in this environment.

    This contraction has even spawned a rarely heard term ...

    During a period of De-Leveraging - like we are seeing now - the lenders call in their chits. They call loans due, ask for additional cash from borrowers,louboutin online, drop their loan to value ratios, increase debt coverage rations, argue every point of your proforma several times ... or even stop lending on whole classes of assets.

    The actual "Ripples" that will stop us are the Credit Contraction those losses will cause. It's like an old slapstick comedy where the guy looks one way and gets hit by a car coming from the other direction.

    We are focusing on the Lender's Losses and the Credit Contraction is what will run us all over.

    De-Leveraging is the opposite of Leveraging.

    The research team predicts losses of up to $400 Billion for the lending industry ... but watch out ... here comes the bus from the other direction...

    Those are ripples the size of Tsunami.

    What does this all mean to you ...

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